Spirit of Place... Island Respite... Creative Muses Abound

The mission of the Marilyn Faison Artist Residency is to provide illustrators, writers and narrative artists an opportunity to create in relative seclusion on Peaks Island, just off the coast of Portland, Maine. (Birdsong, crashing waves, bike bells and peals of laughter may occasionally be heard).  There are two unique houses set in the woods across the lane from each other; one completely made of stone with a large outdoor deck, the other, a wooden tree house with a double layer of screened-in porches...each house has nooks and crannies for writing and reading, sketching, daydreaming or napping. Each house has a separate space for studio work, inside and out.

Imbued with the history of artists that created here, especially Marilyn Faison, who left good spirits behind, the residency now welcomes invited artists to come and be creative, allow time for new projects or to finish one in the works. 

Peaks is a lively summer community but the Faison property is set a world apart, yet as close to the culture of Portland as a 15 minute ferry ride. The houses are nestled in the center of the island and a short walk to the rocky "back shore"coast.

Marilyn Faison was a treasure unique to Peaks, a graduate of RISD and fashion/shoe designer for most of her career. 

From 1973 until 2015, Marilyn and her husband John continued the legacy of inviting artists to the island and were dedicated to the preservation of these special properties. It is now John’s wish, in honor of Marilyn, to maintain these houses as a inspirational space for artists in the form of the Faison Artist Residency in conjunction with Illustration Institute.

Illustration Institute is in the process of a campaign to raise $500k to ensure that the Institute and these properties will remain sustainable and available as the Faison Artist Residency for years to come.